Appreciate More, Complain Less

There’s a grocery store near to where I live. Mommy usually prefers entering that very store when in need of something.

Just yesterday, she sent me to shop for regular stuff. The store was being looked after by two boys. They were so engrossed in their books that they failed to notice they had a customer waiting.

Me: I want to buy that body lotion.


Me: Excuse me, can I have that body lotion?

Boy 1: Ah yes, sure. Here.

*While paying*

Me: You guys study in school?

Boy 1: Yep.

Me: You work part-time?

Boy 1: Yes, we feel that we have some time left after our classes. So we come over to help out.

Boy 2 to Boy 1: Seems like we are running out of change. Did you get a 2 rupee coin?

Me: Let it be. That won’t make any difference.

Boy 1: No didi, wait. *Checks pockets, hands over a 2 rupee coin.*

Boy 2: *laughing* This is happening like for the hundredth time. He has to pay from his pocket everytime we run out of change. He’s gonna go penniless soon!

They both lovingly hit each other. I was in smiles.

We complain more and appreciate less.

My sister is a school going girl who complains of not getting enough time to play games on the phone. She shares the same age as the boys.

The boys are appreciative of the time they get and resolve to make most of it. One of them also pays back to customers from his pocket.

They appreciate. They don’t complain.

This is what makes me respect a person.

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