Be a person of Integrity

During my internship in Switzerland, I saw an incident that reinforced in me the belief that honesty is still present in this world.

I was once roaming around the city, and a mother was walking ahead of me with her young daughter. The daughter was playfully walking when she collided with a parked bike. The bike fell and there was a slight damage to the bike.

The mother picked up the bike and then opened her purse. She took out a piece of paper and wrote her contact details on the paper, apologizing for the damage and asking the owner to contact her for reimbursement of the damage. She attached the slip to the bike and then left with her daughter.

To me, this was a great learning experience as I had not seen such an act of honesty before. If I had been in her place, I might have just picked up the bike and moved on without giving my contact details.

It is interesting how witnessing such simple acts can teach you many new things, and make you a better person. Be a person of integrity. Honor your word. Respect everyone. Know when to apologize, what can bend, never breaks. Take chances, they will help you grow. Always be kind to a stranger. Be grateful. Always wait for your turn. Make new mistakes. Learn from your old ones. :)

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