Be the Dumbest person in the room

So, I had a guy in my coaching class who had a reputation for being really dumb.


Well, he asked really, really dumb doubts.

Every student in my class made fun of him, even some of the teachers. Some of the teachers told him, point blank, that he would be selling tea at a corner in the future or he should just go and join his family business because engineering was never going to be his cup of tea.

Though the fun thing was that he never stopped being regular, with doing his homework and asking his dumb dumb doubts.

Fast forward two years later, this guy scored a pretty decent rank in his JEE Mains and secured a pretty good branch in a pretty good engineering college.

And the very teachers who wanted him to sell tea were congratulating him.

So, he wasn’t particularly bright. He actually wasn’t remotely bright but he was curious and persistent and kept on asking his questions.

So, the most underrated trait a person can have is the ability to ask dumb questions when it can help them learn something new and continuing to do that without minding the mockery by the world.

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