Can hardwork beat talent?

The question ‘Can Hardwork beat Intelligence?’ reminds me of a story that our physics teacher told us at our coaching institute. He told us that it was his early days in jee preparation and the classes were not started back then. He told us that he used to go to with his friends to play cricket. There they used to see a boy formally dressed going somewhere on a cycle. He was very regular and punctual and looked determined

The place was Kota which is the mecca of IIT-JEE. Sir mistakenly thought him to be any other student who was preparing for jee

Fast forward to results day:

Finally the result day arrived and there was excitement every where in the city as it was the most important day of there preparation and struggle to reach the most premier engineering institutes of the country.

Like every result day, the institutes were busy printing their result. The celebration was going all around in the city but there was something pretty unusual that day. Institutes claimed the top ranks of their students but no one was able to find the country topper and it was pretty unusual.

All the coaching institutes went through there top rankers but no one had claimed the topper. Be it Bansal classes or Resonance or even Career Point for that matter which was the most elite institutions those days no one was able to know who was the topper. By then all the institutes went through their top batch students to check if one of them was the topper.

A boy from a mediocre batch from Bansal Classes went to the institute in the evening and informed the institute that he had topped IIT JEE. To recheck they went through his batch list and there was the truth. That guy from an average batch had topped IIT JEE. when no one had expected him to do so. By this time you might have guessed that he was the same boy whom my physics teacher spotted daily.

Sir further told us that he was the student of Hindi medium school till 12th standard and at that time there was no separate batch for Hindi medium students in Bansal Classes. He was a double dropper, in the first drop year he learned English and learned to convert words from English to Hindi.

He is none other than Dungara Ram Choudhary.

Remember: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Will is more important than skill.

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