Let go if what is holding you back

Once upon a time, a great saint lived in a village. People from distant areas used to come to him for guidance and motivation. One day a young man came to the saint and asked him:

Man : Gurudev! What is the secret of happiness?

Saint : Since it is a secret, I can’t reveal it in front of everyone. Come with me to the forest today. I will tell you the secret of happiness there.

He followed the saint happily to the forest believing that all his problems will end today. While entering the jungle, the saint took a heavy rock and asked him to hold it. Bewildered, he was now walking with that heavy rock in his hands. After sometime, his hands started paining but he continued to walk somehow. He didn’t have any clue what was happening! After walking for quite a long time, the pain became unbearable.

Man : Gurudev ! My hands are paining.

Saint : Are you sure ? Okay, keep it!

(As soon as he kept back the stone, he was relieved of pain)

Saint : This is the secret of happiness!

Man : What? I can’t get you.

Saint : Just like holding this stone for a few minutes gave you a bit of pain, holding it for some more time increased the pain and it’s intensity kept multiplying as long you held it; similarly, the longer you hold the burden of sorrow, the longer you will be in despair and sadness.

It totally depends on you- How long you continue to carry the burden of sorrow- for a min, an hour, lifetime; Or NEVER !! If you want to live happily, then keep back the stone i.e. any burden there itself, as soon as possible, and try not to lift it ever again.

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