Never belittle anyone

Recently I came across a Fruit Market. There was a young guy looking for Apples.

The Guy to fruit vendor: What’s the price of Apples?

Vendor: Rs. 100 per Kg

Guy: Could you please give me a fair price?

Vendor: We aren’t earning much at this rate, I request you not to bargain, please.

Guy: Ok. That’s Fine. Please give me 2 kgs.

Meanwhile, a Lady with scruffy clothes came and inquired about the price of Apples and Bananas.

Lady: What’s the price of Apple and Banana?

Vendor: Apple is for Rs. 20 Per Kg and Banana for Rs. 12 a Dozen.

Lady: Thank God, Now I can feed my children. Please Give me Half Kg Apples and Half Dozen Bananas.

Guy(A thunderbolt went across the guy and he gave an aggrieved look to the vendor): You are cheating the general public. How come you charge her Rs. 20 for the same thing for which you charged me Rs. 100.

Vendor: Please Calm Down, I’ll clear everything in a minute.

Meanwhile, he gave the fruits to that lady and she went away and contentment was visible on her face.

The vendor then explained to the guy: She is a widow and has to look after 2 of her children. She doesn’t have good sources of income to support and feed her family. But at the same time, she isn’t willing to take up anything for free so we simply charge her less as we don’t want her to feel dejected about her condition.

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