Presence of Mind

This incident happened when I was in school. We had this silence time in the class where students are not supposed to talk. They could study or take a nap if needed. Usually, there are class leaders who monitor the class for maintaining the silence. The leader writes the name of students who talk and hand it to the next teacher coming to class.

Teachers punish the talkers by several means. They often scold or beat or give impositions. No matter what punishment you give, the talker’s list will never be empty.

But we had this teacher who makes the talkers perform something in front of the class. On doing that she succeeded to a great extent to keep the kids quiet.Out of stage fear, no one dared to break the silence in the silence time.

However on an unfortunate day, one of my friends made his name to the list. And the teacher called him to the front. And this guy is a badass and the teacher knew it. So she asked him to perform something for two minutes.

We were all eagerly waiting to see what he is going to perform. He then told the teacher that he is going to perform a tableau(a tableau is an act of being motionless, representing a scene from a story or from history)

“Tableau on what?” Teacher asked.

He told “Ma’am I will be showing a tableau of a person waiting for his friend at bus stop”

Then he stood still there looking at his watch for 2 minutes making the teacher and the whole class dumbfounded. Such presence of mind! Well, we were all impressed.

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