Radha Maa…


I shot this image during my trip to Mathura/Vrindavan ’17.
This is a very special shot with an interesting story.

How I got this Shot?

We were at Barsana during LathMaar Holi ,
My camera’s battery was dead,my phone-it was in a friend’s bag so I had no source of clicking, I was just enjoying and experiencing lath maar holi when all of a sudden I saw this beautiful lady sitting on the side of a corner of the house enjoying the show, I observed her for a couple of minutes.
The Eye catching yellow background with scratches and faded colors of walls telling the old age of the house and A beautiful Women – same age as of the house sitting silently and enjoying the show.
I couldn’t resist clicking a portrait of her where I don’t really do much of portraits but I had to click her in that chaos.

So I asked somebody else’s phone among the crowd and I clicked it and emailed it to myself at that very moment.
Because I have been traveling and never got the right time to upload this shot but nevertheless Holi week starts soon and this year I intend to be either in Indore, MP or Spiti for Holi.

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VISION By Umang ThebariaIMG_20170306_175306~2-02-01

I am Umang Thebaria, A Graduate from Delhi University turned into a full time traveler and a photographer.I am a traveler by heart and photographer by passion.I was in sales and marketing before but like many others a cubical wasn't something i wanted to work in for my entire life.So I followed my dreams and driven my passion my way so far and I wish to continue this until I feel the need to stop and feel satisfied when it gets enough.

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