The Best Advice

It was the year 2015 and I was about to appear in class XII board exams. My grandmother (I used to call her  Dadi Ma) was terminally ill and was diagnosed with cancer in its last stage. I had my 1st paper on 1st March 2015 and a day before this exam she had a high fever.

We all thought it was a normal seasonal fever and she took some basic medicines. At the same night, she was very sick and could not breathe properly and was feeling restlessness. So, at around 2:00 am my father was about to take her to the hospital.

Since I had my exam on the same day and my grandmother knew if I’m tensed I would not study and screw the exam up, so she told “Beta, jab bhi meri yaad aaye, tab padhai karna.”

Translation: “Whenever you miss me, You read something.”

This was the last conversation between my grandma and me. On the very morning, she passed away due to multiple organ failures. But my papa later told me that her last words were “Tell my grand daughter to go and take the exam.”

According to me, this was the best advice I could ever get from anyone. If I miss her, I read. 

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