The Dummy

DSC_0056 (2)-min-min

 Shot for Magenta Cafe Store 2017 . 


In this inseparable world of you, there is something that truly defines the world of existence. 

He might have thought that his punishment was over, that he had escaped the clutches of existence, but then, he did not know that life was not yet ready to give up on him, as many colors of his veiled destiny were still left to be seen. 

As now, it’s too late. The venom had left it’s influence. It had been few weeks or later that your birthday and another of me, made us both memorable to each other. 

“Maybe, again, from that day I started to hate myself”, surging in agony, quoted Dummy.

A shutterbug, musician, art-lover and a MNC corporate professional, Subhadeep wears multiple tin-foil hats with ease. He started his artistic journey from a tender age.A gypsy soul for the wanderlust and a vibrant hope for the unknown makes him an explorer at heart. Being a music lover, Subhadeep is left absolutely smitten every time a retro classic plays on the stereo.

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