Value your friends

Being oblivious about your old friends at the outset of a relationship.

Life’s just going brilliantly. There’s spring around the corner, you don’t have any important events coming up, no tension and to make life even more beautiful: you start dating someone from college. Fantastic.

Everything seems surreal at the start as if straight out of a First World movie. You become so involved spending time with your date that you completely forget that you had old friends- friends who woke you up before classes, made fun of you when you were sad and just heard you out when things were low.

Evening plans of enjoying a cup of tea with them goes to the trashes- you’ve found love.

This continues for days and months together. Gradually, as your honeymoon period starts receding, you miss old friends.

You want to hang out with them but now they have new plans which you have no idea about. They have made great drunk stories which don’t entail a shred about you. All of a sudden, you’re an outsider to the group. You become distant. If things are bad, you may lose out on few gems of friends simply because of your ignorance.

God forbid if you ever break up while in college, you don’t have the date and you also don’t have the buttress of those robust friendships. Don’t do that.

Value your friends.

Date that person who never slashes apart your friendship.

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